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About Us


CBDriver (formerly Courierboard Driver) is the online driver exchange designed exclusively for Drivers in the messenger and courier industry. CBDriver is the place to both search for driving jobs and independent contractor driving opportunities, and list your own Driver Available Ad. Built on innovation, CBDriver offers cutting-edge search technology with privacy-protected and secure systems.

Our Commitment:

CBDriver is committed to helping our members find more driving opportunities. Our goal is to increase your business. Our vision is centered on three basic principles: easy to use online systems, and superior customer support.

Member Value:

At CBDriver, we are dedicated to providing members with a valuable resource at minimal cost. Unlike other online boards that charge a per ad fee, or even a percentage of your contract, with CBDriver you get a free membership to post and search unlimited times. Enjoy other great member benefits such as weather and road conditions, mileage calculator, and Google Map.

Alerts: Sign up and get email alerts when new Driver Job Ads are posted within 35 miles of where you live. If you have a smart phone - you can click on the email alert to view new Driver Job listings and respond to ads with one click on your phone.

Tools and Resources to Help Your Business Grow!

When you register your information is formatted into a driver profile which is attached when you respond to any Driver Ads. Your profile is also formatted into a professional-looking resume which you can print or email to any prospective company.

About CBDriver

CBDriver (formerly Courierboard Driver) is the online exchange designed exclusively for drivers in the messenger and courier industry. CBDriver is the place to both search for driving job opportunities posted by courier companies and advertise your business by listing your own Driver Available Ad for free! Built on innovation, CBDriver offers cutting-edge search technology with privacy-protected and secure systems.

Posting a Driver Available Ad is Easy and Free!

Independent drivers can post Driver Available Ads using our easy online system to get their vehicles moving. CBDriver lets you post the days when your car, van, or truck is available for more work. CBDriver gives you instant access to messenger and courier companies across the country. Post your Driver Available Ads on CBDriver - day or night. There is never a limit! Courier companies needing drivers can search, find your ad, and contact you directly.

Find More Work For Your Vehicle!

It’s easy to start!

  • Create an online driver resume and vehicle profile that you can update anytime you want.
  • Type in the dates and times when you are available and looking for work.
  • Click and Post your Driver Available Ad. 1-2-3 and your posting goes online instantly.

As a member of CBDriver, you can post unlimited Driver Available Ads, as often as you wish! No hidden costs, no extra fees!

Search and find available Driving Job Contracts listed near you. CBDriver Has Many Valuable Features and Benefits

Membership FeaturesBenefits
FreeNo extra charges
Post Driver Available Ads OnlineUnlimited
Search for Driving Job Contracts Online - Easy One Click to Respond Unlimited
Easy to Complete Online Resume - Creates A Professional Looking ResumeUpdate or Change Anytime
Easy Click to Respond to Driving OpportunitiesUnlimited

Get Email Alerts When New Driver Job Ads Are Posted Near You - Respond Online or From Your SmartphoneUnlimited

CBDriver offers its members many valuable benefits – Post unlimited Driver Available Ads, search our driver wanted listings, find locations with Google Map, check on current weather, traffic, and road conditions, and more…Plus, CBDriver keeps an online history of all the Driver Available Ads you’ve posted – current and past – to show you are an Independent Driver looking for more business!

Select the Driving Jobs Opportunities That Are Right For You!

Find the driving contracts you want today! Search for new driving jobs with an online computer - at home, at an office or stop by a library. Any computer hooked up to the Internet will do. Create your free membership account. Once you have logged in with your password, just enter your city/state or zip code and our search engine will find every driving contract posted in your area and list it for you.

Select all the driving job listings you want to respond to, attach your online profile, and click Respond. Your response and driver profile is sent directly to courier companies you select.

CBDriver Helps Your Business Grows!

Independent drivers can now maximize their vehicle’s potential. You can search for available driving contracts in your area or post a Driver Available Ad with the times and dates you are available. Get more contracts and see your profits grow.

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